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Anyone been watching SuperStar K?? (or at least familiar with the program??) Well, from my point of view it's to some point a Korean (and better) version of American Idol.. And what's even greater is that since their 3rd installment, groups, duos, and bands are allowed to join.. So here is Busker Busker, the 2nd winner from the 3rd season and my favorite finalist by far.. They used to busk on the street before they finally decided to join the great stage, which is why they choose "Busker Busker" for their name.. Btw, all of their songs are written and made by themselves !! Super talented and super loved by not only indie music lovers, but by most Koreans as well.. Their songs (not just 1 song) reached top position in Korean Billboard just couple hours after the released time.. Awesome eh?? Anyway, this is my favorite song from them so far.. I bet I'll have another fav song when they release another album lol.. And yup, the drummer is an American (and kinda look like Nicholas Cage haha)