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Mojos with garlic mayo dip and cheese omelette. I'll share with you guys a quick meal that you can do in like 15 minutes. Unlike most girls, I'm not really into cooking, baking, or other stuff that have to do with kitchen. (-.-) But then, when you're alone, you really need to cook something for yourself, especially if you don't feel like going out of the house. I find this one really easy for a quick lunch before going to school. FYI: I don't have garlic mayo (because I always forgot to buy one whenever I go to grocery store) so I make one myself. Garlic Mayo - 3 tbsp. plain mayonnaise, 1 big clove of garlic (pressed or minced), 1 teaspoon of egg white, salt, and pepper. I use very simple ingredients for garlic mayo, I think you can add other stuff in it like lemon juice or olive oil but this is how I do it (because those are the only ingredients available in my kitchen T.T ) Cheese omelette (trust me, that is an omelette) - 1 egg, cheese (grated or diced), salt, and pepper. I added some seasoning granules to make it tastier. You can just put some ketchup at the top when it's done. :) The mojos are easy, you just need small potatoes (as for me, 4 small potatoes is enough for one serving), wash it thoroughly, don't peel it, slice it (the thinner you slice, the crispier it gets), put some breading in it, then deep fry. Do you know some easy breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas? Share your thoughts. :) Over and out!