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I think my mom may have bought me some o-tang cages and I don't know much about them, I have looked at some videos on youtube, but does anyone have them, and would be willing to share their personal opinion on these wheels? Thanks
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Check out the wheel talk on the loaded newsletter challenge, they talk about the boards they ride it on and the best styles of riding for the wheel.
@woodonwheels im riding some cages on my canted tessy, and i like them better than the stims for that setup. Amazingly stable for fast slides, and great for standies because of the wide contact patch. Centerset, so they dont cone cause you can flip them. Wayyyyy fast roll speed. I have the 86a and love them. Id say the faster the riding, the lower the duro should be. I wouldnt get anything under 86a because i like a slippery slowish downhill. Great wheels! Love them!
@woodonwheels I just got these the other day, 86a. They're pretty damn good, and actually ha a pretty decent grip, but a super smooth and easy slide. I get some really cool sounding screeches when sliding, and I've heard they have a long life span