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Three female computer science students at MIT recently did an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit where they asked redditors to ask them anything about programming and academia. The result of this session? Harassment and questions such as "Why does it matter that you're female?", Why did you put gender in the title?", "Why should your gender matter if you're talking about research?", as well as inappropriate comments. This is disheartening. Did this happen because of the demographic on Reddit? Regardless, it doesn't make it right. I'd love to hear all of your thoughts, especially @csgeek! Reddit AMA Session:
agreed. it's sad when women have to be ready to brave sexism and even threats of bodily harm when they decide to speak out online.
It's a sad reality that this response is not surprising :\ @sanityscout
Very disheartening, but unfortunately not surprising. I would be shocked if their AMA didn't turn into this. It's the terrible web environment we currently live in.
I think it mostly has to do with the fact that they mentioned they were female. I'm guessing people were mad cause why should it matter if they are male or female? What should matter is the work they bring to the table. It's unfortunate that not much discussion was had.