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I remember the first time I visited the office of a really successful businessman. He had created media empire worth billions. In his office, high above the city where we lived, his desk sat next to floor to ceiling glass panels which offered a really amazing view. What I found more interesting than the view was the unique collection of seemingly unrelated items displayed in the bookcases next to his desk. When he entered the office he was surprised to see me looking at the titles of the books in this book cases and not enjoying the view. We talked for a while about the books and various items in those amazing walnut cases. Everything had a story. Everything together told the story of his journey. This was a new way of thinking about book cases and their purpose in your office. 22 years ago I visited that office and since I've been collecting the items that tell my story. Things I love and that have influenced me. Here is a photo of my book cases. Ask me about anything you see here and I will tell you it's story.
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this is an awesome way to think about it. I think once I have a proper place and bookcase, I'll do the same thing with mine. also, I love that you've got the dune series up there in the corner
This is so awesome! I wish I'd stayed in one place long enough to have something like this. One day for sure. I'm glad to see Faye Valentine in there ^_^
Faye, Julia, Spike... and on the opposite shelves - Harrison Ford's blaster from "Blade Runner" (bottom), the next shelf up has the Holy Grail from India Jones - Last Crusade - Next up there are light sabers - one made by Larry Larbel. - On the top shelf besides a whole collection of Dune books - there's the Idol - "Throw me the Idol and I'll throw you the whip" from Raiders of the Lost Ark - and there's the Headpiece to the Staff of Ra hanging around up there as well. :D So many of the movies I loved as a kid - I made sure each was represented in some way. I never thought of myself as a movie prop collector. But I've actually got a nice collection.
@JonPatrickHyde that's really awesome! I know they seem like such small things but they can really resonate with people. A friend of mine was cleaning out his stuff to prepare for a move and we found 5 or 6 sonic screwdrivers haha. We'd both sort of forgotten how much we liked Doctor Who and we ended up spending a lot of time reminiscing
I really think my favorite part of all this is the akira motorcycle with kaneda.