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Seriously....call me rude but I've got no patience. I would've took V under one arm and the cheesy poofs under the other and left some money on the counter on my way out...but that's just how I would've handled it. Give that man a gold star and free cheesy poofs for being so patient (‘ー’*)ゞi salute you, sir.
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lol neither did I! I just assumed they were on a closed set somewhere but apparently they were in a legit convenience store with regular ppl tryna get their shop on and buy food to live and stuff....Then there's our boys getting their sexy on in the middle of it.
@PassTheSuga It probably would have been awkward for them lol!
@jiggzy19 no joke lol but the pics don't lie....it wasn't awkward enough to stop them from putting on their sexy time faces.
lmao! :)