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I’ve never considered myself an adventurous person, but when I go traveling, I always try to try something new. So I couldn't be more excited when horse riding was part of the outdoor activities scheduled by Harris Hotel Seminyak during my recent trip to Bali. - See more at: When I arrived at Bali Equestrian Center (BEC) at Perumahan Canggu Asri on Jl. Karang Suwung, Berawa, Canggu, around 15 minutes from Seminyak, I could feel my enthusiasm mounting – so to speak- as I took in the 2.5-hectare property surrounded by lush rice fields and quaint villages. With a 5-star international rating, certified international instructors and over 40 school horses (both internationally and locally imported), BEC claims to be a world-class destination for both avid riders and first-timer tourists. Its riding facilities include three floodlit arenas: a 25 x 65 meter indoor arena with mirrors (for helping your dressage movements), a 30 x 100 meter outdoor arena that features a set of professional show jumps, and a 20 x 20 meter indoor arena for children, who need a smaller area while they are learning to control their pony. It also has 42 well-ventilated stables with fly control systems, and eight paddocks. BEC offers a wide range of activities: private and group lessons, village and beach tours, children’s activities such as the Tiny Tots Club (available for children under 7 years old), pony rides, pony parties and pony camps. In addition, it also has its very own restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and a pool club & playground with extensive children’s facilities. "Our clients are mostly expatriates; only a small number are locals. Presently, we have more than 100 students taking private and group lessons," said BEC marketing head Sanny Stevin, adding that clients can pay per lesson or for a six-week package. As a first-time rider, I asked for a smaller horse -- though all of them seemed big to me. When Joni, the groom, brought Sienna to me, at first I thought she was still too big at 145 centimeters in height; I found out later that Sienna is actually a mare-gender (adult female horse) Indonesian pony. According to BEC's description of her on their website, she has a relaxing workweek with some beginner lessons and the occasional beach ride. She smelt great and had very smooth skin; I enjoyed touching her and straight away felt much more relaxed about riding her. On the menu that day was a village tour, which took us meandering through the rice paddies and the local village. The other option, a beach tour, takes riders down to Berawa beach, where you can walk your horse along the edge of the waves during low tide; you can choose between early morning or sunset rides everyday except Sundays. During the one-hour ride, strolling the route on horseback, I couldn't stop smiling and took to waving now and then to people, greeting them -- locals and foreigners, who stared at us curiously; most of them smiled and waved back. The rice paddies and local village seemed more vast and green from above and I enjoyed this exciting experience so much that the tour was over in a flash and it was time to go back to BEC, where we lingered a while at the cozy restaurant. The one-hour village tour is available for US$38 for children and $54 for adults, while the 1.5-hour beach tour is priced at $54 and $75. Guests of Harris Hotel Seminyak can easily make arrangements to join these tours, or to simply visit the property and perhaps shop at its delightful store, which sells all manner of horse-riding-related equipment and trinkets. - See more at:
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