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So I have been drawn (and drown lol) into Nice Guy for the past 2 months.. Seriously, Song Joong Ki looks awesome there, doesn't he?? hahahahha However, after watching him being the bad and cool guy for a while, I kinda miss him being cute and adorable.. So I've been rewatching this cute short gag by him for like a hundred times now lol.. Cutieeee pieeeee I miss your smile :)
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hahahaha such a funny show i like it Especially when that guy song jun say he is like joong ki and the only different is the name compared to him joong ki oppa even looked more and more handsome hahaha
hahahha agree !! he's nothing similar to joong ki oppa.. btw onnie (shud I call u onni? can I? >.<) do u know that joongki oppa's latest movie gonna premiere soon?? i'm super excited lol
What show is this???!! Eventhough i don't understand i still Laugh., xDDD., he;s cute and adorable.,