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This short (3 episodes drama) actually appeared on Tooniverse, which is quite similar to Cartoon Network or Nick.. Yup, Tooniverse is a channel dedicated for younger kids, but once for a while they'd produce a really good quality drama.. I know I might be too old for this, but this is just super tempting.. Super cute with a light storyline.. Makes me wanna go back to my school year.. lol..
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lol u guys r too cute haha
5 years ago·Reply
he's the same age as me..ooh..should i try?
5 years ago·Reply
hahah why not dear?? he's younger than me by 1 year and i still wanna try (if possible >.<) lol
5 years ago·Reply
lol at both of you...^^
5 years ago·Reply
haha.. IF POSSIBLE!!
5 years ago·Reply