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Emotionless Tone less Interaction Blank Open Conversation I've grown numb to the cold My bones no longer hold heat My face no longer knows pain But it also doesn't smile for free
I must admit I've never seen Adventure Time, but even without knowing the context of the show, I can get the feeling of this piece, and that is quite an accomplishment!
yeah so true he acts like a butt head because he's so lonely and hurt. he wants to kidnap princesses because he's lonely! lol poor ice king!
first of all love adventure time :) and second of all the last line gave me powerful feels! and I like how you took a fiction cartoon character and created a piece about him that makes him seem very real! super cool! I'm a huge AT fan.
Same here! an the I've king is one of my favorite characters because he seems mean but all he wants is friends and love. and thank you I seen his picture and it fit the best.