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Sometimes in life, we can feel paralyzed. No control over anything in our lives. Just taking in life as it comes. All we can do is choose. We can be angry & bitter, or choose to take it as a gift & smile. Though no absolute control, break out of being paralyzed. Move forward by choosing the positive in what life offers. Don't hide, try to deal with any problems with a smile. When you hide from life, you continue to be paralyzed. by, *MissMartie Photo from G+share
There's nothing else to say. Great words of wisdom. Every day is a gift. don't waste them on negative things or people. last time I checked this is not a dress rehearsal. As Earth Wind and Fire would say. Keep your head to the sky.
Wonderful thoughts - so hard to do, but we must try to break through!
Thank you
you should add this in the creative writing or poetry community as well!
So very hard to see o,ur way thru: things some times! If only we could "see ahead ...nahhhhhh