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(⌒▽⌒) "I get my inspiration from people. There are people who spark creativity within me. As long as these people are around me, it's like my thoughts are stimulated. I love getting my inspiration like that. It's fascinating." - G-Dragon (BIGBANG)!!! @cassandratomas7 thanks so much for clipping almost every card I have!! I hope you liked it!! I do not own the photo! <3
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I wonder who he gets his inspiration from??? Big bang members?
@tayunnie yeah I'm not sure....I didn't really think of it before but now you've got me really curious ^^
@jiggzy19 maybe a secret lover???! ahahah this is how rumors get started oops
@tayunnie OMO!! Lol no one pay attention to what @tayunnie is saying!! 0.0 Haha jk
@jiggzy19 ㅋㅋㅋI really want to see what different side of themselves they'll show when they're dating but ofc I respect their privacy too so if they don't want to show/tell us I'm fine with that too