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Bushing question
So my GF got me Blood Orange Bushings. I wanted double barrels, however she got me confused and got me double wedges. I've never used wedges before. I went to put them on and I noticed that they are wider than barrels and it doesn't fit into my bushing seat. Should I be worried that it doesn't fit into the bushing seat?
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its a step cone
3 years ago·Reply
@AndrewVollmar no they aren't step cones they are different
3 years ago·Reply
@AndrewVollmar If it was a step cone I would've realized that. It's a wedge which is different from a step cone -.-
3 years ago·Reply
I noticed that my Calibers have an outer bushing seat and actually fits the wedge bushing. Not my Reys though.
3 years ago·Reply
The bushing seat is different in a way that would make the right tighter/stiffer.
3 years ago·Reply