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Need some help finding hills
Any body in the Vancouver Washington area. I'm up here visiting. And can't find any good hills around where I'm at. please help me
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@steezus I would but I don't have a phone so I don't want to get lost in a city I dint know well. but I understand I Todd a few people about one of my favorite spot and now I rarely go there cause of so many douches. I just want a nice hill to try out new board on a good hill
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No joke. Use a typography or terrain feature on Google maps. You can scope out all sorts of spots easier. Especially spots that are illegal. Ex. water parks that are closed for the season with slides, abandoned areas etc.
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@VictorEnriquezJ You're fucking wild if you go in a closed waterpark but I respect you so much if you have
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@VictorEnriquezJ thanks I was just on Google map and it was pissing me off that I couldn't tell what streets are hills.
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I'm older now so I do research on spots before I go. Also saves alot of time. I tell friends if they see a spot to take pictures to map out later. Check out also. You can find local people through their forum.
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