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Omen Sugar to the quiver!
Finally got my hands on an a much loved Omen Sugar! I can't wait to mess around on it and nail some steezy free riding with this kick tail. Omen Longboards and Motionboardshop are one of the best local brands in the Pacific Northwest, check them out if you're ever in the Seattle area!
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@steezuz That's pretty much what I meant lol. 馃槄
3 years agoReply
Though i will also be doing some free style tricks on it too ;)
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@VictorEnriquezJ 38-inch-long kick-tailed freeride masterpiece is like nothing you've ever shredded. It is 9.5-inches wide, has 5/8-inch radial concave, and adjustable wheelbase options from 23.5-inches to 26.5-inches. - Omen longboard description
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best description ever @wonton321 thank you.
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Stood on one once in a shop, been hooked ever since! Have fun man!
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