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I made a deal with the devil within Took some acid, let the journey begin Pretty little lady are ya lost in the city of lights, Or pretty lady lost in the city of NiGHT! I woke up dreaming one day Said I'll be happy some day One of these nights I'll find myself, And climb up to heaven through the gates of hell... Reread only the 2nd lines, and it's out come is opposite
This is such a fascinating structure, to be sure! Way to go. I haven't thought of trying one like this, though there is an author some high school librarians have recommended that I'll try to find again that play with structure in this way. I'll share it if I come across it again.
Thank you! that's where this came from I saw a poem that was much better lol but where it conveyed two different stories and I was amazed by it
this is really creative. I've been wanting to try a style like this where you only reread certain parts to create a totally new poem or read it backwards. thanks for sharing. this is really cool.
thanks! and that would be cool if you find it let me know