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Top 14 of 2014 Challenge Day 3 (jiggzy19)!!
(⌒▽⌒) 10. I'm Different - HI SUHYUN ft. BOBBY! (This MV makes me laugh every time)!! 9. I'm Him - WINNER'S Mino!!! (Mino slightly reminds me of GD) Sorry if the videos don't play!! All credit goes to the owners of these videos !! (I do not own these videos)! @Cryomorph!! (⌒▽⌒)
Love these songs<3
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I'm different. hi suhyun. makes me laugh too especially when she imagines falling and the Bobby catching her. I like. it a lot (neomu. neomu )
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but then the name of the video doesn't actually correspond
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I I enjoyed I am different
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@Uniangel18 yeah I love that but!!
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