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it's bar-fly night as I look around for a potential piece of flight, cause deep down inside I just might, forget where I met you ha as time flies through the night I swat every dime that's not worth the dirt and grime, but come closin- I'll choose my poison it's crazy to think how annoying and how bad the breath of beer is as it says hhhhiiii w it's crooked teeth and forked tongue, as the night gets older, bar-fly your starting to look young bar-fly it's last call you may be the one, I don't remember your charm I don't remember the harm, I only woke up wanting to chew off my arm your always there when im out of my mind , lovely bar-fly always there when I'm in a bind, damn it's not even the weekend and i didnt even put a fight, but who gives a fuk it's bar-fly night
Lol okay it's just me then! I'll just keep telling myself it's not barf ly haha!
@sanityscout @KaitlynnJanae go to the local pub and you'll see it my way ha jk
Looks like "barfly" is correct. Sorry, you might have to keep seeing barf-ly haha :)
lol @KaitlynnJanae at first glance I like "barfly", but I'd have to look into how it's usually spelled and comment back
haha this is so funny!! I like your poems about your adventures! always racy and sexy. just one suggestion maybe put a hyphen between the word barfly. like bar-fly or just put a space because everything is ready over it is saw it like barf-ly lol but that could just be me.