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First Amazon looks poised to revolutionize we do daily shopping with its Primenow app (great card here => (www.vingle.net/posts/643070). Now Google is looking to change the way that you view cars. The Silicon Valley giant is now looking into making cars that don’t need drivers! Introducing the Google Self-Driving car (great name right? lol). The car, Google claims, is able to navigate through traffic, stop at lights, yield to pedestrians, and relay information to other cars. This is because it has around 64 lasers which map the world as the car moves. The idea is to release about 100 of these cars, and take it from there. So what is my take on this? I fear for the world of small business… I traveled a bit in Asia, and noticed that in certain countries, the majority of things are owned by a few companies. Essentially these countries were running effective oligopolies. The US, I fear, is becoming more and more like this. I say this because let us think about what is around us? If you counted the stores around you, and the services provided to you, how many real competitors do you think there are? The food world is dominated by a few giants. The car world is dominated by a few giants. The coffee world is dominated by a few giants (or giant => Starbucks). The computer world is essentially dominated by a few giants. And now, even the technology realm seems to be dominated by a few giants. What is worse, is that some of these giants are moving into non-related fields. Both Amazon and Google are essentially tech companies that are trying to move into realms that did not include them. Facebook is trying to buy up any type of social media, regardless of cost or compatibility with Facebook. So what is left? I do like the idea of comfort, and cheap prices, but how can we really believe that we will continue to support small business and the “American dream” when we prefer to run to these giants? I am not saying that they are doing anything wrong, but how can we, as a society, make sure that we also help promote new enterprises to enter and stay in the market? How can we keep the local grocery shop from closing down because it cannot compete against Walmart, Stop and Shop, and now Amazon? Maybe, we cannot. In which case, Americans will have to get used to the idea that local small businesses is the American way...
I can't wait just sit in one of these
@JenniferGurnham I think once we get these, there will be no driving required. We would just sit lol
I can't wait would love to drive one of these
@owley I wonder how many of us would fall victim to side seat driving lol
@owley No that is a very valid point. I dont know why but your question reminded me of the 3 robotic rules introduced in the AI
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