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I've heard a lot about "love languages," but I've never really looked into it. The concept comes from a book written by Gary Chapman called "The 5 Love Languages." I'm more curious now that I've seen this handy infographic from Fierce Marriage, based on the ideas from that book. Do you think the love language system makes sense? Do you find the concept helpful for your relationship? The article is linked - it includes a quiz you can take to determine your love language.
I've read the book. Though it's been awhile since I've read, I do think it's informative & found helpful. It has a lot of good points. Of course more helpful if both partners are involved in use of concept.
Thanks, @MissMartie! Good to know. Yes - it sounds like it needs to be two-sided to really be effective.
Looks good but I can't read the top two lines because of the white font. :(