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I've been wanting to get a board lately. and found this one...seems pretty nice... Saids it's a tomahawk.on landyatchz..... I want it complete so it will also include: Grizzly w/852 Trunks 70km 82a Yellow mini zombies. so I wanted to get some input on what y'all think.
70km wheels holy hell thats gigantic
Sweet dude very fun board you will have a blast
@stwvelee772 they are 100% different.... @deadmen0205 get the tomohawk if you are looking to get into cruising and carving way better for that and also a very durable board
If I was gonna get a symmetrical double kick thats just a giant popsicle, Id get a Yoface
My buddy Gavin just recently got that board, I love it but the tails aren't really functional for pops unless you have a smaller wheels otherwise it's a medium height top mount that's just ready for shredding
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