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Have you realized how, now-a-days, people consider someone a friend, based on the simple fact that they know there name. What's a friend to you. How would you describe Friendship. Now ask yourself one more thing. "How many friends do I have?"
A friend is someone who is there for you through good and bad doesn't judge you makes you happy tells you your wrongs and rights and you also do the same for your friend
I'm really glad that @deadmen0205 brought this up cause people should know the difference between friends and just random people you chat with.
a friend is some that knows almost every about you, your good and bad and dose not judge you and accepts you for how you are someone that you can count on and trust your soul with, someone that does good for you unconditionally.
I usually call most people my friends even when I don't actually consider them my friends. I guess it's just easier and normal to call acquaintances friends.
I have like four friends....they know some of the deepest corners of my soul...A friend is someone I share a piece of my soul with and know they will keep it safe someone that if I move away stays in contact even if it's not frequent but can pick up the conversation you where having months ago at the same spot. There when you need a helping hand no questions ask...and is someone that admits their dorkiness just like you without any shame in your or theirs game. everyone else are just acquaintances that I talk to about every day gossip, tv and entertainment but don't have in depth convos.
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