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Why be worried and care about the past? I mean it is what it is so might as well have a blast We only get to live once so just make it last.. And although many have said listen to the wise What's life without making mistakes in which you can rise? For it is a experience and can't be called a prize I believe that everyone has their own story to be told But not everyone can have a future in which they can withhold With all these twists and turns what's not to love Life is a journey can you only imagine what's above??
Lovely's inspirational!
absolutely true and amazing. this is the only way to live life without depression and regrets. whom ever wrote this is a smart person and I have full respect for him or her. this is something that you should always read when you get up in the morning.
@AnwarKharoufeh This is inspiring, indeed. If you don't mind me asking, is English your second language? I noticed a few interesting turns of word that I don't believe a native speaker would have used (but I might be incorrect!) Anyways, they didn't distract me, but were very interesting instead!
your very smart and wise person @AnwarKharoufeh keep inspiring us with your wisdom, and may God reward you for everyone that benefits from wisdom. wish you all the best.
Thank you guys and I wrote it lol everything I post up is by me :)