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What are the roadside bushings important for? What does making the roadside bushings hard and board side bushings soft do? What does the opposite do? Also this last question may seem dumb but is the type of bushing cap important?
Deck side bushings = stability Road side bushings = movement
"Traditionally it's: Higher duro (harder): Boardside Lower duro (softer): Roadside The reason, as stated above and as commonly accepted, is that the BS bushing holds your weight more than the RS bushing. It can be different if you have a softer Eliminator-style (stim) bushing BS, and a harder barrel/cone RS. The stim shape has a lot of material to compress, and can seem harder even though it's not." -Silverfish forum If anything just go ahead and try it out and see how your board feels! Preference my friend, preference.
I ride my elims rs and some cones bs, never wobble :)
@10murphyj Not necessarily harder bushings, it also depends if you get barrels or eleminators. I'm going to have to agree with @GaryCambell comment above yours. Try going on silverfish, they almost always have a forum for any type of questions!
So just to confirm getting hard roadside bushings would make the board less turny? And getting hard deck side bushings would make the board less sloppy/wobbly?
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