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INTRO: Hey guys so I've been MIA for a while so I wanted my first post back to be of my new project. Lately the weather here has been rather stormy, meaning zero skate opportunities. To actually enjoy this glum period I have decided to create a board specificaly for the rainy weather. PROCESS: Today, I began with digging groves into my wheels to stop from hydroplaning. I removed a wheel of my grinder and bolted my longboard wheels on. Using a regular sharpy, I marked out half inch spaces since my wheels have a 2 inch contact patch. With the grinder spinning, I used a blade to make small starting indents for the groves. Finally, using a flat head screwdriver with the right width to my standards, I carved in the groves. FUTURE: Well theres a lot left to complete this project. First things first, the board needs to be sprayed with laquer to prevent water from seeping and de-laminating my deck. Once thats complete, still need to find a way to prevent water from getting into my bearings. Ceramics are wayyyyy to expensive for me xD. If anyone is interested in a similar project, feel free to message me for a indept process if necessary!
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Harfang wheels do this and they do a good job, so you got some competition hahaha. But its great to be able to do it yourself, I have a wood lathe that I could do this on.
Cool idea
That looks like some precise work, good job! As for hearings I'd just get 10$ shop bearings and hope to get 20$ worth of riding
Are there any other companies besides Beercan Boards that make metal decks?
there are some that make fiberglass decks