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This is for all of you creative writers and poets out there! I'd love to share some personal tips and suggestions for you guys to help enhance your cards here on Vingle. I'd also like encourage you all to add your own tips and suggestions for others, and myself, in the comments.  In this card is going to talk about a few concepts: The appearance of your card, Grammar, Card content, and Card and collection accessibility. Creating an appealing appearance for your card: Cards with pictures that relate to the content of your piece will draw more attention and readers to your card. You want to make sure the picture reflects the idea and feel of your card. Example: if you are writing a piece about Christmas a fitting picture would be something that makes a viewer think or relate to Christmas. Some pieces are harder to find an appropriate picture such as pieces with abstract concepts or pieces that cover many subjects and feelings in its content. Most of the time a picture will add to your piece but in some cases you may find it better to leave out a picture. I would suggest simply using personal judgment on deciding what picture to use or if to use one at all. In conclusion, I suggest to ask yourself these questions when deciding on a picture; Does this picture enhance or detract from my piece?; Is it relevant to my piece? You can also ask a friend if the picture seems fitting or not. Grammar and readability: Another equally important part of creating an appealing piece is grammar and readability! Poor grammar will make any great piece seem less than mediocre. Make sure you're using the right form of your and you're; there, their, and they're; than and then; effect and affect. These are just a few common mistakes. I'm no expert at grammar myself but if you can help it to make as little mistakes as possible this will benefit your piece in a great way. A great idea can get skewed by using the form of words and punctuation. Speaking of punctuation, it's very important because it helps the reader know when a sentence or idea stops and begins again. Capitalization and punctuation is going to determine how someone reads your thoughts and sentences. Pieces with no punctuation or capitalization get confusing quickly. Your pieces should flow like a song or dance. Punctuation and capitalization creates power, or gentleness in some cases. Capitalizing a whole word can show importance, boldness, and distinction of a word within the piece. It can determine whether the word is whispered or shouted in the readers mind. Feel free to play around with grammar and punctuation! Just make sure it's understandable and readable! Card content: The contents of your card are completely up to you to decide. Here are just a few tips that you may find helpful. Use a title. More people are going to check out your piece if you have a title. Make sure your title accurately reflects the main idea or content of your card. The title and the picture will be the first things that will draw the attention of your audience. They will determine whether or not someone is going to open your card or not. Proper capitalization and punctuation is equally important for the title as it is the rest of the piece. This is where you make your first impression. Your whole card should be visually appealing as well as easily readable. The last thing I would like to add is think about what communities your piece fits in the best. Such as Creative Writing, Poetry, Psychology, Love and Relationship, etc... Go ahead and publish to multiple communities. The more communities you can publish your piece in the more viewers and exposed you will get. Just remember to publish in relevant communities. For example, no one wants to see a card about cats when they're searching through a community about dogs. Thank you guys for reading and please leave your tips and suggestions in the comments as well!
These are all great, fantastic tips! I hope we are both successful in our moderator applications, so that we can put these to good use in the writing communities next quarter. I definitely agree with most of these points! I'd be weary about putting cards in too many communities that the piece isn't specifically beneficial to, but beyond that, fantastic ideas!
Yes, I agree with capitalization and punctuation. Those really play important role in a writing.
Cool tips! :)
I'm going to use these tips for my cards that aren't creative writing as well