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Once in the restaurant, facing their staff from one side, and the actual room where BIGBANG were at on the other side, i had to make a decision! Either chicken out & not take photos as im told & miss this chance, while i came all the way from the OTHER PART OF THE GLOBE (morocco). OR..Girl UP! & take a chance whenever their door gets open >< The -mildly- scary bodyguard kept asking me not to, but i stood up and Begged..Anywho -_- After an 1h at the restaurant, my instinct told me that Taeyang may leave 1st as he's on a special diet. & I WAS RIGHT! Poor baby left 1st, & that's how i went running to him & asked for a photo! He was so nice & signed autographs for other Ladies-Ajummas- seriously! Agreeing to do "selca" with me was just TOO GENEROUS! 35min later, The staff started moving, i had to go down too to get them while they're leaving. I knew the bodyguard would definetly block my way! I followed one staff member who seemed to be looking over the balcony, THERE WAS THEIR CAR! YES!
Lucky you !! You go gurl , show'em what Moroccans are ;)
Maha you did it girl!!! btw, seungri s face is priceless! i feel sorry that such photo of him is out there lol
Wonderful v.v i can see seungri oppa :3
wow, it's great! kk I did knew you're hallyu mania ^^ but I still didn't use this web
Aaah Luckyy Giirl :D what about T.O.P did u get to see him too
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