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My First few and Top Favorites Christmas Movies
Home Alone 1&2 A Christmas Story Elf Grinch Scrooged Whats yours ? These movie will always be remembered I just want to share with you maybe some of you can watch it again Merry Merry Christmas to all :) <3
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lol... I love those memes! I love Home Alone and Elf, and I really want to see Scrooged. I've also surprisingly not seen that Grinch movie yet. Did you see my Christmas movies post? http://www.vingle.net/posts/620658 Elf is on my list, too! I probably should've included Home Alone, too.
@sanityscout thanks 4 sharing your list with me I don't think I have seen all the movies you mention I will make sure 2 c it in these holidays and yes Homealone is definitely on my top list because its the first Christmas movie I ever watch being the same age as the kid and its the movie I never get tired of seeing. And you should definitely want grinch and Scrooged I watched it as a little girl and had a lot of fun while watching it. You will definitely enjoy it thanks for liking my card and Happy Holidays to you and your family dear :-)
@AlexisLaboisson yes I have seen that movie like 3-4 times and yes its still alot of funn every time I see it dear thank you for liking my post and Happy Holidays to you and your family :-)