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i just finished!
5 years ago·Reply
yukias how was it?
5 years ago·Reply
it was nice though not top the charts for me
5 years ago·Reply
it was good~ the start was good when the 2 werent together yet,,,,,,,,but after that it wasnt as good~ and the ending really sucked!,,,in my opinion , it was so stupid in a way,,,,,like they argued then bumped into each other afterward, smiled then lee sin gave her a hug..........i just think they could have made the ending even better,~ like another thing i didnt like how it ended in them singing,,,,,,it wasnt something very big for me~! but both are really good actor/actress! but the script was a bit lacking.~ :L
5 years ago·Reply
exactly.. if not for park shin hye i would have never picked up the drama!! i actually watched it for her.. but the script was pretty loose
5 years ago·Reply