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Because vampire slayers like Buffy only come along once in a lifetime. :D Pencil on vellum bristol board. 9x12"
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Thank you for the nice comment! :D Happy Holidays to you!
@jonpatrickhyde you drew this?! Dude is there anything you don't do well? Lol
@Goyo - Thank you. I started serious training, lessons, and education in illustration as a teenager - over 30 years ago. so really, illustration is the foundation and the source of creative skills. And to answer your question, I was never any good at ice skating or roller skating.
@jonpatrickHyde That is a lot of learning lol Was there any reason you chose to go with Buffy? Were you a big fan of the show? That show always reminds me of those 90s shows like Xena Warrior Princess, and Hercules, etc
I actually have never seen it... this was for a friend who is a big fan of the show.