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(20-04-12) How I Met BIGBANG >o<: PArt3
The rest is..History! 1 after 1 started coming down. GD 1st:"Hey GD, Give a Hi~" i said. He turns, looks @ me and Smile so warmly >< But the bodyguard rushed him & had his Hair covered! Then Seungri! Then Daesung & TOP! Me & another Fan from Germany waved at them while they were inside the car, thinking they may be looking @ us, so we decided to do...FANTASTIC BABY DANCE pwahahahaha Moments after, they LEFT. BIGBANG LOVE 4EVA
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great quality pics!!!!
5 years ago·Reply
Fantastic! I wish I could have a chance to meet them too.
5 years ago·Reply
AMAZING STORY~ Really *___*
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i truly hope all of us true fans get this chance to meet their fav artisit seriously, it feels hella good!
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jee the story gave me goosebumps..
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