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so for this installment, I mainly focused on the bearings since the laquer is still drying on the deck. Anyway so this is the challenging part of this process. There is no "real" way to do this but to make-shift a seal and hope for the best. the front side of the wheel, i found a bolt that fits snug between the walls of the inner wheel and fits well over the bolt securing the wheel. with a piece of ducktape, preferably square in shape. place the tape over the bolt and tuck it in as seen in the picture. If you are like me and prefer a nicer look, cause lets be honest it doesnt look to great, use a blade to cut the tape in a circular shape. For the back, as i said before, I found a washer that is the same size as the shaft of the trucks. When the wheel is on, use hot glue to seal the washer to the wheel, but not to the shaft. Be aware that this is going to make it hard to remove the bearing so make sure everything is set to your preference, or else you'll have to redo the whole process.
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@0BryceMcGarity0 how much are those bearings?
@BenKaplan depends on where you live. Go to your local skate shop and check.
alright thanks
bearing can be cleaned and re lubed after a rain sesh. builtin bearings have the most water resistance
thanks @Mannith !