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i have seen this community do awsome stuff and i hope you guys will help my gf does not want to learn longboarding because she thinks its too hard and she is going to Hurt herself now my question for you guys is could you help convince her by just leaving a comment maybe telling about your Learning experience i'm hoping for a Christmasmiracle
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only want to go cruising with the woman i love
If she doesn't want to do it, you can't make her. It isn't for everyone.
when I first started, I wasn't very flexible, balanced, etc. after a while I started to be able to do some things that I never thought I could've done. you meet awesome peeps, you up your pain tolerance, and even get over some fears like too much speed and falling
When I first started riding I had a hard time staying on the board. I would end up jumping off or walking or running off when I almost fell and this was at slow speeds. I've only crashed a few times but they were from dumb mistakes like staring at a cute girl or hitting a pile of wet leaves and my board came to a complete stop. Ride safe and smart and you will be fine.
I'm 48 and just started Longboarding!! And I love it :-)
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