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i need your help peeps
i have seen this community do awsome stuff and i hope you guys will help my gf does not want to learn longboarding because she thinks its too hard and she is going to Hurt herself now my question for you guys is could you help convince her by just leaving a comment maybe telling about your Learning experience i'm hoping for a Christmasmiracle
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i have a Santa Cruz mahaka pintail that i am not using anymore so she can have that one and @steezus why u hatin on pintails i have rode mine for over 3 years for cruizin and learning
3 years ago·Reply
@steezus pennyboards are waaay harder to ride than a good pintail
3 years ago·Reply
Thats true @jensbroddin but I personally would rather have a penny than a pintail because I have a deep hatred for pintails.
3 years ago·Reply
I hate them @jensbroddin because my first board was a pintail, and it wasn't even good for cruising. I wanted to advance in freestyle so I bought a Bhangra, and I have a few more boards since then. A Landyachtz switchblade and Loco, and a Churchill Kray. I still have that pintail and I still hate it so much. Worst board I've ever had.
3 years ago·Reply
@jensbroddin if she doesn't want to learn it don't make her learn it
3 years ago·Reply