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Social Justice Warriors Hate Me While Claiming They "Fight For Me."

Recently, a person on YouTube found a link that asked hpw privileged you are. On this site, there is a quiz that will tell you just how much privilege you have. Just for fun, he entered his bestest guesses for Santa, and the quiz called Santa a "Shitlord." Seeing whereas it's a quiz, and seeing whereas they are always telling me to "check your privilege," I decided to see just how "privileged" I am, using their own criteria. The result? I am "extremely oppressed!" Why am I so oppressed? I'm a transsexed girl, which also qualifies me as intersexed and physically deformed. I have a terrible fear of groups, so I am mentally disabled. I am poor to the poibt I worry about breaking the budget with food purchases. I perceice myself as - while wishing I was - a robot, thus qualifying me as a sort of weird furry like thing. And I'm an empirical atheist. And yet somehow, whenever I try to discuss things with Social Justice Warriors and feminists, I am always told to check my privilege! You want to know a quick way to make people you are supposed to be working to help hate you? Don't listen to them, then tell them, even though, by your own standards, they're oppressed, to check their privilege! Armitage, the main character of Armitage III, said it best, beginning around forty minutes in to her first OVA episode. (Armitage paraphrases follow.) I'm the monster society created. I'm the one to blame. If humans didn't want me, why did they make me? I don't know what I am. I can walk, I can talk, I can laugh, I can cry... But I'm still just a doll! God made me in his image? Ha! God is human! You can't know what it's like to be me!