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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q81tYVfAWE8&feature=channel&list=UL Well as you know KBS world Make Interviews with KPOP IDOLS and i got the chance to send them video with my friends asking them some question and they replied on us in this interview!!...When i saw myself there I felt like i was next to them asking them directly *___* My video it's in 05:45 ^^
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Aw! Awesome! Se3datek :D Bsse7a!
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but how ?
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hey u can actually click on the video button when u wanna post, and paste the link there! and u ll see it show up here!! u dont have to link to youtube on ur writting ^^
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i think if u visit kbs site, and check out their arabic page, they usually have such events, like they ask fans to send videos or emails, and they give the chance to those super far ones to get to talk, or win something..
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Ouah Ok Maha thanks ^^<3 Ah I'm the Talest Girl :$ ^^"
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