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Merry Thanemas Dudes!

Hope you guys have a Christmas fill of surprise steez, food, and seshes! I apologize for my absence lately as I've been busy working and such.. Panera bread ain't playing when it comes to good hours xD they even call me on days when I'm off sometimes! But rest assured I've been having a fantastic time with my beautiful new board thanks to @mikerosa92 @steezus @BenKaplan! This is a pic of a night run me and my friends went on downtown, around, a humongous Lake, and a college campus Lmao! you can kinda see our boards there! :D can't forget my Steez Geeks: @AlainCasimiro @EugeneAlcantar @DanielSpazJames @KLAIRELAURIE and @thatonegod! it's heart warming to see you guys continue to try and keep the community alive :) and I hope you four enjoy the Steez you have received! I Love you Vingle Longboard Mafia!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Shred until you're dead! <3 love, Ruben (Community Merc')
merry christmas everyone
merry Xmas hermano! haha @filirican
A happy merry Christmas to you bro!
Haha Merry Christmas @filirican!
Merry Christmas
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