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I got a triple 8 helmet. Holesom slide gloves and pucks and two stickers. I got rush Abec 7 titanium coated bearings. Liam Morgan blood orange wheels. 70mm, 82 A.
@DanielSpazJames yeah. Their my motivation. I've been trying to learn how to slide and once I learn how to slide. I'm going to practice and practice and core my current wheels and than put on the new wheels, bearings, and start using the new gloves if i don't need them before hand.
@drlizardo I want to. Those pucks are the bacon ones. But first I want to slide and become worthy of the amazing wheels and gloves.
Sweet stuff. So many people got blood oranges I'm jealous and those gloves look awesome.
Yeah. I needed a helmet. My plan is to use my old gloves to learn how to slide if they don't fall apart before than or if the pucks don't wear out and than to core my wheels and start using my new wheels, bearings, and gloves.
you're more patient than I lol think I'd slap em on and go!
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