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Designers Repurpose Old Blankets to Coats
Amsterdam-based fashion company, Wintervacht, showed a whole new level of repurposed fashion with coats crafted from old wool blankets. The design is similar to something you would see gracing the pages of a glossy fashion magazine than what you would wear while snuggling in front of the TV. The Story: Designers and founders, Yoni van Oorsouw and Manon van Hoecke began by sourcing their blankets primarily from thrift stores. Most of the blankets they pick are between 30 and 40 years old. Every piece is checked for quality. After that, the blankets are cleaned and ironed, but never re-dyed to ensure that every coat they make is one-of-a-kind. The Result: An environmental-friendly and beautiful oversized coat was created. They are minimalistic, sleek and entirely original. In addition, leftovers fabric was used for headbands and scraps were returned to recycling factory that turns textile leftovers into insulation.
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