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I got my Ehlers SwitchNinja today and it's my first longboard and I fucking love it! Unfortunately it didn't come with hardware like it said it would but that's my only complaint. I took it to try to learn to slide because there's no snow on the ground where I am in Illinois and its 40° and the W concave is great and the deck is a lot lighter than I expected. Many more stories to come! Oh I included the Kendama because it's just a really fun present I also got and I've been doing it while I was riding to and from the hill today
@ThtYoungElwoodJ lol. Nice. I got one of my redneck friends into Longboarding.
@EricDavis Forsure and my older brother who moved out and I became distanced with was an avid skate punk that thought longboards were gay but he rode this today and now he wants one so we might have just picked up something to do together
First longboard...but it will not be your last. You are now addicted.
that's a sweet looking ride, man.
oh no rednecks on longboards watch out citizens!@RichardSchafer
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