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1. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone. Hope everyone is having a good time today. Getting and giving a lot of sweet gifts. 2. My new board the loco 37" is great! Set up my look a little weird (bear trucks & mini zombie Hawgs) but I really like it. Breaking in the wheels before I do any serious slides , but did some light hills and felt pretty damn good. 3. Thought I'd teach my lil' bro a lesson about humility and that he just doesn't know much about boarding and that he's not putting enough effort into it though he says he likes skating and is trying. So I put his trucks on the top of the deck and then rode it down the hill on our street. (My old girl board in the 3rd and 4th pics)
I'm buying indys and a set of 60mm wheels. Idk which ones yet tho haha. Any recommendations? Its on the same board @DanielSpazJames
Really wish I could give you good advice but I don't have much experience with the more freestyle oriented boards (this is my first street board) so I would not completely know but probably something harder like the Liam Morgans 84 but I'm probably wrong cause those are slidey... @steezus