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You can never go wrong when serving this prime cut of beef. It's everyone's fav unless you're a vegan. So easy to prepare too, no brainer at all! I simply seasoned it well with sea salt, freashly ground black pepper, garlic powder, olive oil, and Maggie sauce .... baked in 400 degrees for 30 minutes and 350 for 4 hrs ( this is a 14 lb cut) viola, so so good!
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thank you cheerfulcallie :) yeah, some people keep their recipies secret but I don't ... I enjoy teaching and sharing:)
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That's a huge chunk of animal, dude. It looks good!
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@carolinian87 and we all appreciate you!
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@ danidee, lol .. it was really big, but believe it or not .. it was all gone the next day, nothing was wasted :)
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@ avocadolove, thank you :)
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