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I have a decision to make...

I got a very much unexpected $100 visa gift card from my dad, and with me needing trucks and other hardware for my new board that I got in my mystery box, this leads me with a choice to make. I am only familiar with Paris trucks, (I love my v2's ) \(*—*)/ and I'm willing to try something new. After all, I'm trying a whole new brand of boards and wheels so I mine as well make it the whole shebang. If you could choose (I know it's tough) what brand would you pick?
@steezus mr. "bears are mediocre, "
Hahaha @AnthonyZwolinsk I have a pair of bears and I prefer Paris over them. They're okay trucks, but I'm a hardcore Paris fan. And I love Canadians I've been to canada twice man (it's better than the US nature wise, don't tell any muricans. Sssshhhhhhh.)
@EmilySalzsieder @drlizardo Yeah the Grizzly's would be a great choice to keep your options open!
@steezus bears are rad! depends how you wanna ride...bears wont let you down; I mean, have you ever ridden them? they are solid trucks! especially for cruising carving, they also freeride GREAT ,as far as downhill... they'll handle upwards of 40 mph..i speak from experience. Dont hate just cause they're Canadian. ..
I think I'm gonna get a set of Bears. Not sure on an exact set until I look. I'll keep y'all posted (I can't wait any sooner to get my board set up anyway, the deck alone is killing me haha!) (;@drlizardo
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