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MUSIC: B.A.P- B.A.B.Y, B.A.P- With You These are my opinions, you are free to comment your opinions also! Please no bashing, I am in no way bashing or being negative towards Sonamoo! I actually love them and their style and I am actually anxious for their debut next week! ^^ Subscribe to my channel! Follow on Instagram Twitter & Vingle @KpopJunkiesTV
It really does look like Warrior! wow! Well, I'd love to see girls try to work that style since it seems like more and more girl groups are just going with the cutes-y concept. I can't wait to hear their debut and see your reaction :)
they're BAP's sister group so of course they were gonna be similar. But the thing to note is that in an interview they're debut song was going to be People's Sister but all of a sudden TS switched it to Deja vu after the BAP thing went down which kind of confused the girls. despite why it was changed I really like that their song was dejavu instead of peoples sister since it makes them stand out and is more unique