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You can use your Android box , just as it comes. Plug it in to AC and to your TV, use the remote control that came in the box, and you're all set. Use the wireless network connection to go on YouTube, or drop a movie you downloaded to your PC on a disk on key, stick it to the USB port of the tv box and watch. You may want to get MX player from Google Play first tough, but then you will find that using the remote control with the on-screen keyboard is possible but somewhat annoying. So the first peripheral to add to your tv box is a wireless mouse. You don't need a keyboard. You will do fine with the on screen keyboard once a mouse is attached. The only problem is, that the mouse's dongle will take away the single USB port, which means that a USB hub is needed too. Another option is to use a Bluetooth mouse. It is a bit more expensive but will leave the USB port free. I think a regular wireless mouse and a USB hub are the better option since the extra USB ports will be needed anyway. The next thing to consider, is a large external disk, to store your movies and music library. If you are going to buy one, make sure it has an external power supply since the tv-box's USB does not provide enough power to run the disk's motor. If possible, connect your tv-box to a wireline Ethernet connection. The wireless works OK most of the time, but a wireline connection will improve your network streaming experience in cases of high wireless traffic. In the next card, I will talk about integrating the Android box with an audio system.