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1. Jae Hee from Nice Guy 2. Son Hyuk from Athena, goddess of war 3. Jun Pyo's mother from Boys over flowers 4. Jang Hee Jae from Dong Yi 5. Mi-Sil from The great queen Seondeok 6. Hong Ryun/Eun-oh's mother from Arang 7. Kim Byung Hee from Dr.Jin 8. Kang Min Ho from 49 days 9. Jo Hyun Min from Ghost 10. John Mayor from King 2hearts
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as far as i know this was just it.... there was a movie of him with ghosts in his house, city hall, greatest love..i forgot about the
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jun pyos mother {that bitch]
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making a villain is much more difficult than to build a good are on the top when everyone hates you, even the people on the street...:)
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second you bix2anca..anyone can act good... but to act wicked..all those expression and energy..and it's easier to make people love you..just smile..but to be good enough to hate..that's acting..personally i always say that a person's acting ability can be best judged from how he pulls off a negative character'
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Number 6
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