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neee help sliding ASAP !!! please give advice!
so I have here a sector 9 "kraken" board with a medium concave. -black matte compound trucks -sector 9 butter balls 65mm 80A -redz bearings. I have trouble learning how to slide !! I'm new to all this but yes I do have slide gloves. any advice would be greatly appreciated !!!
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@EricDavis woah satan
3 years ago·Reply
Haha! I jest, I jest. Wax will help, but you wont need to throw your body at all :)
3 years ago·Reply
your goal to start should be to slide to a stop. don't worry about fancy slides till you got the basics down
3 years ago·Reply
Don't be afraid to eat shit.. be confident and persistent
3 years ago·Reply
mmm pizza. pendys are good and fun
3 years ago·Reply