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so I have here a sector 9 "kraken" board with a medium concave. -black matte compound trucks -sector 9 butter balls 65mm 80A -redz bearings. I have trouble learning how to slide !! I'm new to all this but yes I do have slide gloves. any advice would be greatly appreciated !!!
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Watch a couple videos (Find the Coleman slide) Carve into it and commit. And if you dont get it the first try you laugh and then commit harder and practice till either you have no skin and realise skating isnt for you or you get it.
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Another problem is that you may be going to slow when trying to slide. I have been trying to learn how to slide to. One day I was trying the coleman slide and I was almost getting it and than I tried to go faster and I did it.
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your goal to start should be to slide to a stop. don't worry about fancy slides till you got the basics down
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Like @SteveLee772 said, learn Coleman's first. I really have nothing else to add cause A. I just woke up and 2. Steve got them all already.
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mmm pizza. pendys are good and fun
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