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Looking for a fun and girly holiday hairstyle? Try the pom pom ponytail. You'll need at least medium-length hair to rock this style. If you're a visual learner refer to Bobby Glam's video for how-to. Otherwise, follow along with the instructions below. Instructions: Rough-dry your hair with volume (optional: give it some wave with hot rollers ) Divide your hair into two sections, and pull the top part into a high ponytail, positioned slightly to one side. Secure with a clear elastic. Pull the remaining hair into a second ponytail, and secure it with a clear elastic just underneath the first ponytail. Having two ponytails magically creates the illusion of more volume, but the second ponytail will be hidden by the top one! For a more polished look, you can wrap a piece of hair around both ponytails to make one, and fasten with bobby pins. You can add a ribbon and tied them together for a festive touch. Give the tail a final brush with a paddle brush to make the waves all smooth and uniform.
@Brittany1709 That's a great idea. I never though of styling the front hair with this hairstyle. I usually do for normal ponytails and when my hair is half-up to give it some interesting texture.
I've done this before. The only difference being that I do a "poof" in the front of my hair, so that it isn't too plain, and it gives it even more of an edgy look. That being said, with the poof, the pony tail isn't so high. great hair style though!
This is so cute!
@onesmile Use dry shampoo and tease your hair after!
I love this look, but I can't get my hair to be voluminous enough to make it look good :(