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Do you still have some leftover wrapping paper lying around? Maybe in a bag waiting to be tossed out? I know I definitely do... I looked up a few kid crafts that can be made with leftover wrapping paper, just so my child and I can get some more fun out of it. Here are a couple of the ones I'll be trying out: 1. Wrapping Paper Puzzle Tutorial from Simple Fun for Kids: http://goo.gl/24y095 Materials: - Wrapping paper - Scissors - Glue - Something to spread the glue (like a popsicle stick) - Sturdy paper How To: - Pick out the section of wrapping paper you want to use. Especially for younger tots, one with a large image is better for puzzles. - Measure out the square or rectangular section you want to cut out. - Cut it out - Have your child apply glue to the back of the wrapping paper section - Glue it to the sturdy paper - Cut it out to its original size - Grid it into squares on the back. Don't make the pieces too small if you have a toddler. You can make different cutting choices depending on your child's puzzle level. - Make the puzzle! 2. Wrapping Paper Memory Game Tutorial from One Perfect Day: http://goo.gl/c4U8zk Materials: - Wrapping paper - Cardboard - Scissors - Glue How To: - Cut the gift wrap into twelve squares of equal size. Mine The number of squares that you make will depend on how much paper you have, the age of your child and how challenging you want the game to be (the more squares that are used, the more challenging the game becomes). There needs to be an equal number of squares and there needs to be a pair of each picture/pattern. - Cut an equal number of squares from the cardboard. - Glue the squares of gift wrap to the cardboard squares. - Play! 3. Wrapping Paper Princess or Wizard's Cone Hat Tutorial from Artists Helping Children: http://goo.gl/NemjPA Materials: - Heavy wrapping paper 11" x 12" - Scotch tape or staples - (for princess) A hankie or scarf. How To: Roll paper into cone, open end of which fits head. Fasten it with tape or staples. If making a princess hat, attach hankie or scarf to top of hat with pin or paste. 4. Oatmeal Box Elephants Tutorial from Artists Helping Children: http://goo.gl/TV4yR4 Materials: - Cylindrical oatmeal box - Newspapers - Paper toweling - Wrapping paper - Paste & glue - Scissors - Felt - Buttons - Yarn - Paints & brush - Pins How To: - Remove the cover from the cereal box and throw it away as you will not need it. - To make the elephant's head, stuff a wad of newspapers into the open end of the box. - Make the trunk, by pulling out part of the wad of newspapers used for making the head, and twisting one end of it. Make 4 holes in the bottom of the cereal box body in which to insert the legs. - Make the legs of short newspaper rolls, and insert them into the body holes, as in illustration A. - Cover the entire animal with strips of paper toweling over layers of wallpaper paste. - Make the elephant's tail of several strands of yarn braided together, ending in a frayed tassel. - Fasten the tail to the body by pasting it between layers of paper toweling. Allow the elephant to dry thoroughly. - Paint the elephant a solid color and allow it to dry. - Paint designs on the body in contrasting color paint. - Cut and then pin on, contrasting color felt flapping eyes.
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Can't wait to make the memory game!