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my new/use bustin came I'm the mail today it's 37 in long otangs wheels bear truck idk what deck but it's amazing only for 50 bucks
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Yah all it needs are new bolts because they are rusty but other than that it's all good
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Looks like a maestro
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2011 Maestro Im about 90% sure. So sad to see a good deck that old not dead yet.
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I was originally going to get a maestro the other day. I ended up changing my mind at got something else. I heard that the camber on the board makes it really uncomfortable to slide. Not sure if its true, so you should definitely let me know when you try it!
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I have a 2012 Maestro and plan on getting a 2015. Its my favorite deck Ive ever stood on or seen. (an Ive rode a lotta wood) but its a harsh deck to get used to and most people only use her as a cruiser. I personally love it to bits for everything! I slide, hill, trick, an even a bit of dance. Id say stand on one before you buy.
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